Fun with Hamsters.

Someone said this to Jerrod. I about spat out my coffee when I read it.
Saint Ken of the Ham really captures it well.

I wonder if there is a sigel for Saint Ken?

I swear, I am going to make a character in fantasy books modeled on Saint Ken of the Ham. He will be constructing giant submarines in the land of Garma to model the real one that happened in the “Great Soaping of Atlantis.”

Kitchen Fun.

A new toy. (the stainless steel rack).

My wife isn’t convinced, but she is tolerating me because it is Christmas season.

I do not like placing a pan in the sink because bacteria coat the bottom of the pan. These then spread all over the counter top and stove surfaces. The rack is much cleaner.

And it solves the mess with filling my french press as well.

The coffee cleanup is a breeze. The spillage goes into the sink so wipe down is very easy.

I have a burr grinder and french press like on Air Force One. If its good enough for the president its good enough for me.
The Mr Coffee Burr grinder failed so it was replaced with this fabulous Cuisinart.