Is your pronoun XY?

#DarwinCancelled? 😉

A post I saw today from a dentist says,

I am a practicing Dentist, but also a biology major. I do believe there are just two biological sexes: XX and XY. That is not a theory it is a fact. Gender issues are social constructs to normalize behavior. Darwin would have said: survival of the species selects for the strong biological sexes.

Endless War

How can America defend Sweden? It’s out of ammo. Can it even defend Taiwan?

My take is geo-economic turmoil just got vastly worse. Food supplies will suffer. This will affect energy and fertilizer stocks.

For background material start with:

Rebekah Koffler is the president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting, a former DIA intelligence officer, and the author of  “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America.” She also wrote the foreword for “Zelensky: The Unlikely Ukrainian Hero.

Central Tenet of Science

Atheism is based on the irrational belief that the Central Tenet of Science is true.

But according to MIT physicist Alan Lightman the Central Tenet of Science cannot be proven. Therefore it is accepted by faith (my words, not his). Because it is faith it is metaphysics and has the same status as any metaphysical belief. But atheists lie to us and tell us the central tenet is FACT.

In all my life no atheist has ever given me one single rational reason to have any hope. Not one tiny thimbleful of any reason. The very best they come up with is humans are doomed for a life of misery and meaninglessness followed by an eternity of oblivion.

But if anyone believes in any other viewpoint the atheist says its all imaginary and foolishness. They will cry “science says so”and claim to KNOW they are correct. Really know. Without a shred of doubt. Not just a matter of what they happen to have chosen as a belief. No, they have KNOWLEDGE. And all who doubt them are idiots.

They have millions of followers who believe them without question. Its like a mind numbed cult.

One aspect of atheism is its lack of explanatory power about purpose. The opposite of purpose is nihilism.

Atheists tell us the best anyone can hope for is we go to oblivion. They never explain why that is a better place. Or why it is hope. But they sure do criticize anyone who doesn’t believe them. “What a wonderful future we will have” they claim. When their core belief is we have no future. Is that even rational? Who cares what people a million years from now think is wonderful if we are all in oblivion? Who could possibly care?

This is one reason I believe in hell. Surely there must be a punishment for the people who strip away all hope from humans.

A just God would create a hell if one did not already exist. Just for the atheists, because they have created a sense of despair and hopelessness for all humankind.

Building 8852be Driver

I bought an AMD Ryzen 7 5825U 8 core laptop. The wifi chip is an RTL8852 chip. Linux does not yet have a driver for it in any distributions. So, here is how to build it from source code.

First you add the repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/kablosuzsudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/kablosuz
sudo apt update
git clone
cd rtl8852be
sudo make install
sudo modprobe 8852be

Now when you reboot and go into control panel and look at adding a wifi device you will see the new device present. Mine shows up as a device named wl0.

Simpler Covered Calls For A Recession

CATEGORY: Investing

Yesterday I sold 700 shares of STOR which yields about 5% and has been lingering in my portfolio due to it’s recently having been acquired. Pondering where to put this cash as we stare into a possible recession in 2023 I have been thinking about JEPI which could be a limited risk way to earn more than 5%. JEPI yields about 11% and pays monthly. So today, Jan 5, 2022, I added some JEPI.

JEPI holds about 100 stocks and sells covered calls on them in order to derive income. How well do they perform in a recession compared to any other investment? Very good question. We shall see how that works out. But my view is in order to be diversified I need a variety of strategies that counter balance each other. If we get a 20% to 30% market drop it will be time to rotate to SPY. The alternative is to hold cash. At 10% inflation cash loses because of 100% guarantee of loss ( equals 100% risk factor) and JEPI wins.

Of course I could overweight on energy or tobacco or beer or BDC’s (business development companies) – but that would not represent diversification. And that too increases risk

Investing 2023 and Workforce Shortage

Category: Investing

There is a shortage of workers. Minnesota, for example, has lost 95000 workers and that is projected to increase in 2023. But consumer demand is increasing. For example, baby boomers are demanding more services as they age.

This will cause wages to rise. That will cause companies to pass on the cost in the form of price increases. This adds to inflation. Inflation will continue and increase. The fed will respond with higher interest rates to hold down inflation.

There is likely to be a recession, and banks are now predicting recession.

The stock market will sag into lower stock prices.

As a dividend growth style investor I will be looking to add stocks as the prices sag. The dividends will have a higher rate. So I am looking for stocks that have a pattern of dividend growth over time and under all market conditions, with a view on dividend safety. I like to see a dividend safety rating of B or higher but a return that beats inflation. I also like to see a high quant rating and a buy or strong buy recommendation. And I am striving to stay diversified.

Over the New Year as the market has been sagging I have been nibbling. In a day of all red I start looking for buying opportunities because everything is on sale.

As a recently retired person I have a fixed income stream of “retired income” made up of the usual (use your imagination) which I shall call I1. My goal on my investment portfolio, which is 100% tax deferred, is to have my annual dividends I2 be greater than I1.

I2 > I1.

This ignores ROI or “return on investment” because that depends on stock prices which of course fluctuate up and down with the market.

My available money M each year is M = I1+I2 without selling any of my portfolio. That is the basic idea of having a portfolio. That has been my goal all alone. To replace my income from my working years.

There are a lot of other factors in motion, but workforce oversupply is gone and so is cheap labor. These are not transients – they are structural problems. I think everyone saw this coming but everyone has been intoxicated by media nonsense rather than analysis.

Keep calm and keep thinking.