1354 AD.

Alexander Wapentake grinned wryly and glanced sideways at Ted Carucate. “I never should had let my devoutly pious frigid sister marry you, Ted,” he grunted. “You would have been vastly better off with Alice Shire instead. Or better yet that volumptuous Sally Parish since a brand new hundred was what you had in mind, you fool.” “Nay, Captain Wapentake, Carucate replied gleefully, “I shall be rid of your sister as I have my eye on that Carla County.”
“Careful dear brother,” the captain retorted. “I’ve heard she is worth a mere ploughshare.” “That’s ok”, replied Ted, “I hear rumor she is Lutheran “

Inbox: Sept 25, 2022

I don’t believe in polls, but two days ago I was told dems lead in the polls because of abortion. But by Sunday … guess what?

Who would have guessed? This is the widest lead the GOP has had in 30 years. I dunno, lets see what happens.



In Minnesota half the libertarians are athiests who constantly oppose Christian legislators and republican candidates. I don’t know about elsewhere around the country. But this is a form of populism in Minnesota.

Atheist Libertarians are not conservatives and they are anti-Christian. They don’t “shrug”. What they do is defeat conservatives in elections and guarantee marxists on the left side of the democrats get elected. They are a very strong faction in Minnesota. They gave us “marriage – equity” as a state supported institution. They support anything that is against Christian ideas or morals, all the while demanding “you have to be pure”. (Is that morality right there?)

Their core belief : LIBERTY === NO GOD.

Not all Libertarians are atheists. But they glom with them because they don’t understand that


I have been trying to figure out these folks for years:

From Aug 26, 2013:

Jason Lewis is bloviating nonsense again tonight, and he is both right and wrong. He is right about the english common law teaches the foundations of civilization – do what you say you will do (ie, perform on your contracts) and do no harm to others. IE, the golden rule. He is wrong that that is secular – because it is actually Christian. It doesnt exist in many other countries. He is also wrong in his contention it is enough. He went into moral teachings – saying that obligations to fellow humans do not exist, and the government and other institutions are propagating a false sense of moral obligation. He attacked Christianity. What he ignores is the founders (James Madison) taught that humans have a moral obligation (duty) to God (as citizens) , and that God can give them an obligation to their fellow man. His secular religion denies this latter, or at least fails to understand it. The attack on Christianity was particularly obnoxious.

From Aug 28, 2013:

Someone told me tonight that Jason Lewis is the one who started the importation of Ayn Rand into the world of the right wing extremist movement. Can that be true? A left wing fanatic (author of Atlas Shrugged) is the guru and goddess of the libertarian movement? And it’s Jason’s fault? Previously she was not an icon of the movement? I don’t know. Only in Minnesota. Its something in the glaciated water.

Posted to FTDNA user group today:

I build trees on ancestry, export the tree, then import to ftdna. FTDNA project admins like to ask for a Y-tree (only contains paternal line relatives) and I did a special tree on ancestry for just that purpose.

There is no perfect web service, web developers are very expensive, and it is very frustrating to try find the optimum place to study genealogy. My family members do not know what the word “Browser” even means. Nobody in the family owns a laptop. they all use mobile devices. My son tells me the fact that I have a laptop and use the term browser means I AM A REALLY OLD GUY. 😉

I even use something called eeee-male. Whats that?

It’s called HOPE

Physicist John Polkinehorne writes about how the human mind, what we call the soul, is a hypercomplex machine that exists in higher level dimensions but which is linked to the three dimensional physical universe, i.e., our chemical based brains, and the two co-evolved (or were co-engineered to work together) by the creator.
This is a quantum computing phenomena that is beyond what physics can measure and thus is non-deterministic the same way that all quantum events are non-deterministic.

It is a metaphysical belief that is supported (inferred) by physical evidence. But we cannot measure it any more than we can measure the location of an electron.

Naturalists have no place in their metaphysical reality for such concepts.

But the soul is congruent with Christian beliefs. Not with naturalist’s beliefs.

Naturalists (and atheists) live in a soul-less universe where people are just an illusion produced by chemical reactions.

Chemical reactions can have no rights. Naturalism is dangerous to people’s rights. That is the political result of the American left. They have no basis for rights because humans are just illusions to them.

One way to understand the bankrupt socialist left is to read Francis Schaeffer.

EV Chargers

L2 Chargers give 30 miles of range per hour of charging.

DC Chargers give 100 miles of range per hour of charging.

ICE (gasoline) gives 600 miles of range per 5 minutes of charging. Or 7200 miles of range per hour of charging.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For This.

Source: https://investorplace.com/hypergrowthinvesting/2022/06/forget-tesla-beat-back-the-recession-with-electric-car-charging-stocks/

A Drag Queen For Every School

A Drag Queen for every school, says Michigan Attorney General. Thats democrat party values these days.

Sexualizing children is what democrats stand for. They are not qualified for any public office.

Quoting AG Dana Nessel:

“Your benefactor, [former U.S. Secretary of Education] Betsy DeVos, has been a greater threat to school children in Michigan than drag queens have ever been,” Nessel responded, acknowledging that the charter school advocate had recently endorsed Dixon.”

So, is she serious? Sure sounds like it. No, she was not joking. She was answering a candidate for governor in a serious political debate, giving a serious political answer.

Let me put it to your straight. The democrats are on a MORAL PEDESTAL looking down at everyone, shoving THEIR MORALS DOWN THE PUBLIC THROATS.

But when someone opposes they say,

“Oh! You are making it a moral issue! How dare you! Morals are private! Shut up and go home!”

This is just another form of GASLIGHTING.

Why I Give Up On You

You fabricate something.

Its not credible.

You know its not credible.

You are not willing to admit its not credible.

That makes you a liar.

Someone points out its not credible. You blame them.

That’s a form of gaslighting so it cannot be resolved.

Do this repeatedly … and you get blocked.

There’s a term for what you are doing. Its called being incorrigible, or intractable.

If only we could bring back dueling and let the brass jury resolve such things.


Lets talk about court cases. You adjudicate them based on the merits. Or you don’t get that far because one of the parties (the plaintiff) does not have standing.

This second alternative does not constitute a falsification of the charges. It means the court cannot look at the case. And that is all that it means. It is not a determination of truth. It is a determination of court action.

… more in a minute


It turns out that after much effort to add a plugin to the blog facebook has now disabled the posting of a URL with a photo in the same post. The old facebook grabbed a photo from the site and embedded it. But the rules on making it rezsize correctly were WEIRD. The new facebook, by contrast, does not grab a photo at all. AND if you add one yourself it deletes the link to the other site. Screwing up the post. WHY EVEN TRY?

This is all part of the “we shall control your speech” policy. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED. NO VIDEOS ALLOWED. WE OWN EVERYTHING YOU DO.

This is why everybody I know has left facebook.