Does Ayn Rand really rule the MNGOP?

Red doesnt mean libertarian. Libertarians wont save America.

But on The Patriot (AM 1280) Minnesota libertarians preach that if you are opposed to “The Left” you are libertarian. And America is embracing the libertarian world view. This is based on a false dichotomy.

Jonathon Haight goes to great detail in his book to describe why libertarians have a completely different moral value system than do conservatives. They don’t even recognize conservatives are different than themselves. They think they are conservatives.

What the Am 1500 libertarian preacher said today is if you reject the left you are libertarian. I say, “No. Simply wrong. And naive as can be”.

The founding fathers made it very clear they thought America came to be because of Providence. In other words, God, and God’s provision for the human race. They viewed America as founded on the principles of Christianity.

Jefferson based Virginia laws on the Bible. On the Old Testament.

You are not going to hear that from libertarians or their high priestess Ayn Rand.

What you will hear instead is THE GREAT SILENCE about America’s foundational principles.

Religious freedom is one of the very first principles that gets short-sheeted when libertarians discuss values and world view. But religious freedom is fundamental to the gospel. As any bible believing person knows.

Bible believing people also know that freedom is derived from issues of conscience. And issues of conscience derive from God given religious freedom. This is why libertarian values sound hollow like a drum when they go on and on about “freedom versus oppression.”

The bible tells us that freedom to do whatever you want isn’t freedom at all – instead it is slavery. Slavery to sin and rebellion against God. Which leads to death, both earthly ephemeral and eternal.
How oppressive is that?

That is not in anybody’s “self interest”. Ayn Rand writes prolifically about “rational self interest”, but death ephemeral and death eternal is not in anybody’s rational self interest. In fact, it is completely irrational. And that is the true Achille’s heel of libertarianism.

The MN GOP needs to get a lot smarter about such things. And they need to start discussing world views and the beliefs of the founding fathers. Start with Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Bills 82-86.

Why I am not a libertarian.

Reason #11727

9 Years ago I wrote the following:

What is a right? A right is a demand that one man makes upon another man who owes him a duty. This idea of rights did not exist in Greek culture. Neither did it exist in Roman culture. It came from Christianity after the Gregorian reform in 1075. Renaissance humanist culture argued against it.”

Then I heard libertarian theorist Jason Lewis preach that no human being owes any moral obligation to any other human being. That is a core tenet of libertarianism. Jason eventually became my local member of the Congress.

It was because of Jason’s belief that I began to reject Libertarianism because Libertarianism is obviously anti-conservative and also anti-inalienable rights. It is the opposite world view of Christianity just like Marxism and socialism are the opposite of Chrsitianity. Libertarianism is the opposite of the teaching of James Madison.

This explains why it is that when a conservative quotes the founding fathers of America that libertarians become violently upset. Their upset was always a mystery to me. But it makes sense.

Libertarians are actually moral nihilists. They are devoid of any meaning or any values except narcissicism. This explains why their political movement focuses on being against others but never lists what they are for. They preach purity and purity tests. But purity only makes sense if you have a value to measure things against. And the only value Libertarians have is self interest, ie, narcissicism.
So they demand everyone must be purely self interested. That is the purity they value. They detest all else.

This is why they worship Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand said her philosophy is based on rational self interest. But that’s just fancy window dressing on self interest. In the end it is not rational to call for morals and rights and simultaneously deny any such thing even exists.

Reason #11728

Commensurate with the above I now realize Francis Schaeffer describes libertarian philosophy.

In Francis Schaeffer’s book The God Who is There Schaeffer describes the fundamental shift in the definition of truth that has led the modern world to despair. He describes the Line of Despair.
Libertarianism is a philosophy that falls below the line of despair. It is an anti-philosophy.

Cannot tell you what the are for?

Below the line of despair philosophies, e.g., anti-philosophies, can be experienced, but they cannot be communicated. They are a bit like an LSD trip. This is another reason why libertarians cannot describe what they are for. It is something that cannot really be described so another human can understand. To ask what they are for is a nonsense question. They do have a word for it. they call it freedom. Or liberty. But their liberty does not mean what a conservative means when she says the word liberty.