Howto Convert a kindle Book to PDF

(for personal use of books you own)

From Amazon Website

Even if you have a registered Kindle device, you can download the Kindle book to your computer directly from the Amazon account. Log into your account Amazon Website Select Account and save your purchased book for export to USB (option near the bottom as I recall).

Then use the book reader know as Calibre

Calibre works great on linux. Calibre is one of the easiest ways to convert Kindle to PDF that also allows you to read and organize ebooks on various devices. This tool is available for all Operating Systems but I use only linux so I do not care about the others.

To convert Kindle to PDF:

Click on the ‘Add books’ option.

  • Go to the Kindle book you want to convert and select it to add it to Calibre.
  • Select the added book inside Calibre.
  • Click on the Convert Books option.
  • From the dropdown menu of ‘Output format’, select PDF.

To see the conversion, you can click on Jobs at the bottom-right corner. When the conversion is complete, select PDF and select “Save the PDF format to disk” and save it.

Open in your favorite PDF editor.

I, Robot or … Get a Dog?

I love gadgets. My wife hates gadgets. She wins. Her rule: Keep it warm wet and fuzzy.

Cute idea. Ummm…in my kitchen … what about chair legs everywhere? ** Bump ** Crash **

My puppy used to lap up every crumb under that table.

Will the robot put up all the chairs for us?

BTW, doubles as a coffee maker, didn’t you know?

This baby, by contrast, seems to have mulched up all the debris on the kitchen floor with aplomb.

Just kidding.

Samsung Tablet

Friday Nov 18:

I bought a Samsung tablet to

  1. Be able to download android apps (like opera and brave browsers which are not available on fire-os)
  2. Get away from appliances and devices having my phone number associated with web services. This is to stop tracking.

Grrrr…it has not been easy to install anything. I had to read articles about how to initialize a google ID to not use a phone number.

Sunday Nov 20 (A couple of days later)

Ok, the Google ID seems to have been worked out. I had to go to my phone and add a new google identity, but skipped adding the phone number to it. I then went to the tablet and initialized the tablet with the new google identity.

I plan to remove the identity from the phone soon. I hope the fact the tablet is logged onto the new identity means it will still exist even though the phone now will know nothing about it.

i skipped the Samsung login initialization on the tablet. WHY? Because Samsung wants to offer services surrounding syncing between tablet and phone. The whole reason I bought the tablet was to GET AWAY FROM APPLIANCES KNOWING MY PHONE NUMBER.

Brave, Audible, Kindle, Amazon, and PDF reader/editors are working on the tablet now.

Saturday night Google NUKED ALL MY PHONE NUMBERS OFF MY PHONE. You have to proceed very carefully.
This took some effort to recover. i had to call some cousins and ask for people’s phone numbers.

Google also refused to email to proton mail in europe in order to use proton as a backup email address for password recovery. They do not like people having privacy. Or – perhaps an evil government is interfering with routing to europe. there is a war going on after all.