Debian 11 Static Networking

I have a Debian 11 Linux cloud server, and it is configured to get it’s IP addresses from it’s local router via DHCP. How do I convert DHCP address capability to instead use a static IP address setting?

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Tutorial details
Difficulty levelEasy
Root privilegesYes
RequirementsDebian Linux
Est. reading time3 minutes

By default, the DHCP server will provide IP information in your network. Your DHCP client on Debian Linux will obtain an IP address, subnet, default route, DNS server/resolvers IP address, and other information configured on the DHCP server. Let us see how to add, configure and set up a static IP address on Debian Linux version 9/10/11.

Finding your network interfaces name on Debian Linux

Use the ip command as follows to show/display available Ethernet network interfaces:
ip -c link show
Also, we can try the following Linux command to show a list of network cards:
sudo lshw -class network -short
lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet|wireless|wi-fi'
ip -br -c link show

Note down the Debian Linux interface name and type the following ip command to see the current IP address assinged to that network interface:
ip -c addr show enp0s5
How to setup a Static IP address on Debian Linux

Finding NIC name and IP assigned by the DHCP server on Debian Linux

The procedure is as follows to set up and configure a static IP information:

Configure a static IP address for enp0s5 Ethernet interface at address

sudo cd /etc/network
Backup /etc/network/interfaces file 
 sudo cp interfaces interfaces.orig
Edit the /etc/network/interfaces
sudo vim interfaces

Then find the lines and remove or comment out:
allow-hotplug enp0s5
iface enp0s5 inet dhcp

Add lines:

# the following line is vital  for a "service networking restart" to assign the interface
auto enps05

#this next line assigns the actual interface
iface inet enps05 static

save the file and exit vim

Then restart networking
sudo service networking restart

look to see if enps05 has been re-assigned the address

Prevent resolv.conf changing on Linux Mint

Problem: default resolv.conf file looks like this:

#Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)


# is the systemd-resolved stub resolver.

#run “systemd-resolve –status” to see details about the actual nameservers.


But what I want is my own list of DNS servers this machine knows about regardless of what the stupid router knows.


But DHCP client OVERWRITES THE FILE every time you twitch. reboot, drop wifi/start wiki, change VPN service, etc, every action causes the resolv.conf file to be re-written. VERY ANNOYING.


Prevent your dhcp client from being able to write the resolv.conf file. Otherwise you have to ferret out how to configure what its actually doing to write. I’m too lazy. Here’s a workaround.

Create hook to avoid /etc/resolv.conf file update

You need to create /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/nodnsupdate file under a Debian / Ubuntu Linux:

sudo vi /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/nodnsupdate

Append following code into this nodnsupdate file:


Save and close the file. Set permissions using the chmod command:

sudo chmod +x /etc/dhcp/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/nodnsupdate

Now you can edit the resolv.conf file and it will stay put the way you want it.


I am running as a server with a static IP address so I can ssh to the machine because I know its IP address. I dont want each office I go to to have to tell the machine its local IP address and DNS servers.
Just use google, opendns, cloudflare, etc etc. Not your local rinky-dink farm country coop dns server in Nebraska wasteland.

They made linux be too much like a microsoft user appliance.

Where might a server will not work? In a coffee shop! But I dont take this server to a coffee shop. I have an appliance laptop for that.

I have maybe 20 servers in my campus, and will be adding some at the western site. they are mostly IOT automation servers made up of raspberry pi computers. I need to log onto them from my desk. and I need to log onto each of them from one of the others, and vice versa. Each machoine has their pre-assigned static IP address, and of course each has a host name.

But the network manager gobbedygook the millenials added to linux is MADDENINGLY COMPLEX AND STUPID.

At my western location i do not have admin control of what the router does. Solution: put in my own surrogate router. But why? No, its just easier to use static IP addresses and and not use DHCP at all.

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