The Constitution: Why a Republic?

Ever wonder about that?

Here is a resource on that subject.

Video by Robert George: The Constitution: Why a Republic

OK, I probably need to make a page to discuss what this 5 minute video says. Or I could review it here I guess.

I’m not sure I remember how to make a menu item that takes you to a video page on the topic of say, constitutional law. For right now I wanted to be able to post a link to the video on social media in a “write one post many” fashion.

Readers can watch the video if they wish.

The goal here is to never create content on other social media pages but instead to create it ONCE in my own space with my own commentary. Let facebook censor commentary on wordpress if they will. They might possibly do that. But this is a PUBLISHING PLATFORM not a file sharing platform. It is under FAIR USE rules in law. Facebook resident content is not under fair use law. Or any law. Facebook owns all content.