On aerobics day I usually spend one basic hour on a treadmill, and I use a Life Fitness treadmill.

I always start off walking at 2.2 MPH. I increase the percent slop to 15%. this will burn over 600 KCals in an hour. After warmup I increase speed. 60 Minute will basically give 800 KCal at 2.6 MPH. The elapsed distance is usually 2.5 miles and this 15% slope. So it is like a mild walk on a mountain trail.

The resistance level appears as maximum workout.

If one goes at 3.0 MPH it would burn 950 or so KCals. That is too much for me, currently I would struggle.

My steps counter usually adds about 7000 to 8000 steps during this hour.
In summer I try to add 3000 to 6000 extra steps via a walk through the park.

Recumbent Bike

After the treadmill I may do 30 minutes to 60 minutes on the recumbent bike. I set the resistance to about 4. This adds 100 to 200 KCals.

Stationary Bike

Have not tried this yet.

Stair Climber

This is where the sweat really begins. It is my future! YAY!

Rubber Bands

There are lots of 10+ foot long rubber bands one can use to strengthen muscles one never heard of before. Its very interesting!

Cable Weights

I like these for upper body strength because they are smoother (anaerobic) than fixed machines or free weights.

Other Aspects, like supplementals.

Have you tried supplementals like Turmeric and Boswellia? I swear it reduces my pain by reducing inflammation.

Glucosamine improves joint lubrication. The vet gives it to my horses, so I thought, why shouldn’t i take it too?

The dog gets Boswellia from the vet. So I started taking it too. Are vets smarter than your doctor? 😉 Maybe.


Please don’t laugh, but and a good bluetooth exercise neck ring has tremendously helped with the boredom aspect. I only listen during workouts, and I really look forward to continuing a hot story during cardio.