Current Events

Weird things I noticed. Maybe things I bitch about. Depends.

What Historians Do

I got this from John Fea’s book Was America Founded as a Christian Nation. It applies to what I am doing in my own historical research. After listening to him I started changing my approach to my research. of course this was also affected by Elizabeth Shown Mills, Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts…

Stonehenge Standard Time

You may have noticed the Stonehenge Standard Time post circulating, right? So, what am I to do with the mini-stonehenge in my family’s ancient back yard in Stanton Drew, Somerset? It doesn’t get as many visitors, (except for wannabe druids), but how do the cows deal with daylight savings time? Are they sleep disturbed certain…

If Apple

If Apple made cars: Could only drive on special roads Would need authorization for each passenger The engine wouldn’t be accessible It wouldn’t have windows It would require special fuel It would cost 69% more than other cars The main appeal would be conformity Only celebrities would endorse them


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