Social Media Erodes The Soul

A friend shared a photo.

I put a like on it …. it went to the owners “PAGE” not my friend’s page.

Then I got a “follow” invite from the owner.

Ugh! NO WAY … don’t beg for followers … that’s creepy … are you desperate???? I don’t like being solicited by an advertiser who does not even know me.

And I dont believe in following….got enough one-way static for one lifetime. I don’t need to be a subscriber. NO WAY.


But then, as I explained to Ryocshi .LeCrosse … I enjoyed the poster’s photo style so much I *did* follow her page (which is very unlike me.)

Whats the problem?

Because NO, the poster does not know who I am because she is not my friend – and that was my objection all along.

I don’t want anonymous followers in a meaningless friendless uncaring anonymous nihilistic world.

However …. hypocrite that I am … now I am stealing her photos to use in my blog. GOOD GRIEF BATMAN! ITS AN AVALANCHE! I told Ryoshi.

Social Media Erodes the soul because we end up with followers who are not friends and whom we do not even know. It is SOUL-LESS.

WHY does everybody crave soulless fame?

In Pawsburgh

Is it just me or are the catholics three feet tall but their pews are 12 feet tall? I picture them as munchkins skulking in the pews dodging scathing slobbers of condemnations of their sins which fly overhead and cowering as splashes of holy water sprinkle the pews. A fine cleansing Sunday to get them ready for their week.


MagaPhobia. Noun. Irrational fear of anyone who doesn’t suck up to woke nonsense.

How is this for a witch burning:

Only an idiot thinks a nudist-activist nutcase is a “republican” or holds “republican values.” Next they will be saying Charles Manson was a typical republican.

Is the problem delusional hatred for republicans? MagaPhobia? What?

1354 AD.

Alexander Wapentake grinned wryly and glanced sideways at Ted Carucate. “I never should had let my devoutly pious frigid sister marry you, Ted,” he grunted. “You would have been vastly better off with Alice Shire instead. Or better yet that volumptuous Sally Parish since a brand new hundred was what you had in mind, you fool.” “Nay, Captain Wapentake, Carucate replied gleefully, “I shall be rid of your sister as I have my eye on that Carla County.”
“Careful dear brother,” the captain retorted. “I’ve heard she is worth a mere ploughshare.” “That’s ok”, replied Ted, “I hear rumor she is Lutheran “


In Minnesota half the libertarians are athiests who constantly oppose Christian legislators and republican candidates. I don’t know about elsewhere around the country. But this is a form of populism in Minnesota.

Atheist Libertarians are not conservatives and they are anti-Christian. They don’t “shrug”. What they do is defeat conservatives in elections and guarantee marxists on the left side of the democrats get elected. They are a very strong faction in Minnesota. They gave us “marriage – equity” as a state supported institution. They support anything that is against Christian ideas or morals, all the while demanding “you have to be pure”. (Is that morality right there?)

Their core belief : LIBERTY === NO GOD.

Not all Libertarians are atheists. But they glom with them because they don’t understand that


I have been trying to figure out these folks for years:

From Aug 26, 2013:

Jason Lewis is bloviating nonsense again tonight, and he is both right and wrong. He is right about the english common law teaches the foundations of civilization – do what you say you will do (ie, perform on your contracts) and do no harm to others. IE, the golden rule. He is wrong that that is secular – because it is actually Christian. It doesnt exist in many other countries. He is also wrong in his contention it is enough. He went into moral teachings – saying that obligations to fellow humans do not exist, and the government and other institutions are propagating a false sense of moral obligation. He attacked Christianity. What he ignores is the founders (James Madison) taught that humans have a moral obligation (duty) to God (as citizens) , and that God can give them an obligation to their fellow man. His secular religion denies this latter, or at least fails to understand it. The attack on Christianity was particularly obnoxious.

From Aug 28, 2013:

Someone told me tonight that Jason Lewis is the one who started the importation of Ayn Rand into the world of the right wing extremist movement. Can that be true? A left wing fanatic (author of Atlas Shrugged) is the guru and goddess of the libertarian movement? And it’s Jason’s fault? Previously she was not an icon of the movement? I don’t know. Only in Minnesota. Its something in the glaciated water.