Death Meets Fantasyland

Want to see some TOXIC Christianity?

According to this guy, Isaac Bourne:

Issac Bourne

He says,

Let me explain how any deep time creation idea destroys the gospel.

By making death viable before sin, makes death a part of creation. Regardless what death it is aka animal or humans. Death being a part of the creation = the creation was imperfect. The Creator was imperfect = the Creator is not God because God does not create imperfect things. And being that death was not caused by Adam’s sin. Christ cannot die to give us life because man did not cause death, God did = gospel destroyed.

Also Jesus shed His blood in the same order as sin:

1) Adam first sin was in a garden. Jesus shed his blood in a garden when he prayed that God take this burden from Him and He sweet great drops of blood.

2) First curse was when God curse the ground to always grow thorns and thickets and man will always have to work to make a living by the sweat of his brow. They made a crown of those same thorns and thickets, and when it was placed upon His head he shed blood on those thorns and the same blood also ran across His brow.


So, to mess with death and sin order is to mess with the order of how Jesus shed His blood to forgive our sins. And also plants doubt in God’s Word to it being literally true. Because you have to use words that imply it’s a lie like: Oh it’s poetry, myth, or analogy etc… You also instill offense in the people who listen to you that the whole Word of God is not true, so where does one draw the line or is it all a lie?

Think about this silliness for just a moment ….

So, if sinless Adam stepped on an ant or a bug or ate an ant in his sandwich, or bit into an apple and chomed a worm in the apple —

TADAH! Death preceded Adam’s sin and BOOM the whole bible is destroyed!!!!

I’m not buying Isaac’s premise.

Issue 1: Definition of death is contrived. Is it death of a human? (a soulful being?) or death of any living creature?

Issue 2: Definition of perfection is contrived. Creation cannot be perfect if death exists. Who says?

Issue 3: Conflation of Adam in the garden and Jesus in a garden. Makes no literal sense at all. Isaac abandons literalness when convenient to do so.

Issue 4: Humans are messing with death and sin order. How so? They didn’t follow the instructions Isaac gave humanity. Oh, Isaac thinks he is following something God gave humanity. But in reality he merely imposed his own flawed understanding onto the bible. And onto all other humans.

Issue 5: Unforgiveability of humans. Not in this post but in others Isaac makes it clear humans cannot be forgiven by God for disagreeing with him. Even the work of Christ on the cross is not enough. Thus he elevates his own ideas above God’s redeeming work.

Issue 6: There was no biological ecosystem before Adam’s sin. What did Adam and Eve eat? Plants? Do plants have insect parts on them or microscopic animals on them? Which leads to:

Issue 7. Definition of lifeforms. Isaac’s definition of life is contrived.

Issue 8: The difference between biological death and spiritual death is totally ignored in Isaac’s theology.

This is just one cult member of Answer In Genesis.

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