Can God Redeem Soldiers?

I wrote this on a facebook thread to an ex-army person. They were discussing the subject of cussing.
To me that goes under the doctrine of experiential sanctification.

“I once had a manager who had been in command of, now that I think of it, it was anti-aircraft batteries (was originally thinking field artillery). He was deployed in Kosovo. One day his colonel called him in and said “I am field promoting you 2nd Lt, what school do you want to go to?” Instead of telling the colonel “I actually work for a living so i cannot be an officer”, he actually said “Armor.” So, he became a tank commander. I learned a lot about armored vehicles from him. As a captain he was running a tank platoon with 4 M1 Abrams and some strykers and support vehicles. After that he became a software manager and hired me to develop the human interface for an embedded controller for chemical processing used in hospitals and in industrial washing machines. He was one of only two people field promoted to officer since 1970. What’s weird was my very next project actually was on armor. I designed the crew station instrumentation for the ground combat vehicle.

Anyway, I just discovered my best friend retired as a Lt Col, and was a battalion commander, but the last six years has been … a pastor! So, it just goes to show the army does not always totally ruin a person, in spite of rumors to the contrary. Chuck Swindoll told me he had once been a colonel. Gasp!”

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