Hillary Denounces America?

News Headline:

Hillary Clinton: Overturning Roe v. Wade Puts US in Company of Sudan, Afghanistan.


Democrats, led by Hillary, would be on the side of Mocklin society on the issue of converting these children without their knowledge. THATS DEMOCRACY AS DEFINED BY HILLARY.

What in the heck is she talking about?

M-O-R-A-L-I-T-Y, thats what.

Lets put it in popular TV terms:

Consider The Orville, a popular TV Star Trek knock-off, complete with social commentary, In The Orville, a major theme was the revolution fought by a female Mocklin underground over the issue of infant female Mocklin babies being forceably converted to be male without their knowledge or consent. The Mocklin underground railroad had developed to rescue them. In the story the humans on the Orville participate in supporting the females who want to rescue natural born female children from this conversion by state actors.

In the story the planet Mocklin seeks to exterminate the females. When humans defended the females Mocklin went to war against the humans. They thought the humans were despicable barbarians (deplorables) for wanting to protect natural born females.

We see this morality play today as extremists claim America is barbarian for defending the innocent and claiming they have human rights that cannot be tread upon by the state. In the Marxist view of socialist democrats the state is all powerful and the state will define what is moral and what is not moral. That is the working definition of democracy according to the leftists.

This is a radical re-definition of what LIBERTY, FREEDOM, and DEMOCRACY actually mean.

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