One Ring To Rule Them All

The Great 666?
Electronic Ball and Chain?

Amazon gave me a Prime Card. Pays me 5% for online orders. Bought a computer.

I’ve gone to my bank and done 4 separate electronic payments to make sure they are paid. I have send $600 in payments before the first billing date.

But have I made a minimum payment? NOPE!!!!!! Did they get the money? Yes. Does it count as a minimum payment? NOPE.
Its got to do with billing cycle, which I have no cognizance about.

Hmm…very mysterious …

After 6 weeks I still cannot get their bank to send me e-bills. After a couple of calls to customer service I am told i need to download the banks APP (from the google IDENTITY store) and then in the app you can turn on the E-BILL to work at your bank. Otherwise E-BILL cannot be done. Nobody can turn it on except the APP.


The the ball and anchor in my hand is the one ring that rules them all.

One wonders if this system is customized for 16 year olds who have never seen a computer. Or is actually designed by 16 year olds. (don’t laugh – some kids are geek geniuses and software has no age requirements).

These folks cannot even conceive that you do not have that little bugger in your hand all day long. You cannot buy and sell without it.

Soon it will be in the glasses on your face and in a chip in your hand. It this the MARK OF THE BEAST the prophet spoke about, not understanding he was viewing electronic banking devices in forehead and hand? One does wonder.

And Biden-Sauron can just switch you off without notice because you gave permission for him to do that.

Does that sound harsh and a bit over-claimed? welllll…. consider ….

Let me explain what I mean. Google stores your data for free, as a free service to you. But only if you accept their terms of service. Bit because you are not paying them for their service there is no TORT – NO CONTRACT. You therefore are not covered by any body of law such as consumer protection laws. They can do anything they want with the data (well, almost) and you cannot sue them. That “anything” includes just cutting you off. for any reason. such as your social credit score is too low, should they decide it’s too low.

This is the basis facebook uses to ban you or censor your words. And they can use politics as the basis. That is completely legal. You have no free speech rights on their platform. and the same holds true with google and everything related to google IDENTITY.

All of this was made possible because google offered free email and free data storage and social media companies offered free communications services to everyone. The fact that you pay your telephone and internet providers does not mean these “data companies” have a contract with you. They do not. But they “own your data”.

This affects other stripes of life., for example, recently declared thay own all your family photos. Iy you object then you had a chance to get your data off the site but afterawrds you contract terms gifts your photos to them. But at least they told you. Well … google tells you too but only when you signed up for their service.

What is the solution? FIND ALTERNATE PAID FOR SERVICES with companies that do not abuse your data privacy.

A few examples.

Most wealthy people rent encrypted email services that runs on servers in the Swiss Alps and which are under Swiss banking law. But the middle class Americans, being sheep-like, don’t bother.

Some people use VPN’s (virtual private networks) to protect privacy. Most do not.

Many rent private cloud storage for their cloud-based documents.

Millions have banned Alexa from their homes and businesses (SIDE EFFECT: Amazon lost $10 billion out of that division in 2022)

Millions have switched to browsers that block facebook from data-mining their online browsing habits.

70% have denied facebook the right to know data about their iPhone usage. (Meta also lost $10 BILLION in 2022 because MAGA people, and others, do not want their intrusive virtual world services).

So Its All Changing.

The point is … in order to preserve freedom we all need a strategy for dealing with this. And it’s more than tech. It’s being aware of our legal rights. Not our imagined rights. Our rights we could defend in court.

The first thing to do is make sure our communications and data are not vulnerable. That is where it starts.

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