Facebook hates Great Courses?

I thought Costner was doing a documentary on yellowstone park. Im never going to subscribe to Paramount or cable TV. Too many Great Courses to study.

We are not allowed to explain why Americans have such a low education level. Facebook censors it. Is this because of “American fragility?”

Don’t ever come up with a theory about why Americans are so uninformed. Facebook censors you for even trying.

Facebook censored the comment about “drivial pursuits”. Against community standards? Really?

One thought on “Facebook hates Great Courses?

  1. Swamp draining fast at Twitter!!!!!

    I don’t know if Twitter will improve or collapse. But watch carefully. Facebook faces a similar demise if they are not careful.

    I think Musk will attract lots of smart people who are hard workers who will take big $$$ to replace the fragile and soft numbskulls that have been slumming at twitter. There are now so many good social media options out there nobody needs facebook anymore.

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