Social Media Erodes The Soul

A friend shared a photo.

I put a like on it …. it went to the owners “PAGE” not my friend’s page.

Then I got a “follow” invite from the owner.

Ugh! NO WAY … don’t beg for followers … that’s creepy … are you desperate???? I don’t like being solicited by an advertiser who does not even know me.

And I dont believe in following….got enough one-way static for one lifetime. I don’t need to be a subscriber. NO WAY.


But then, as I explained to Ryocshi .LeCrosse … I enjoyed the poster’s photo style so much I *did* follow her page (which is very unlike me.)

Whats the problem?

Because NO, the poster does not know who I am because she is not my friend – and that was my objection all along.

I don’t want anonymous followers in a meaningless friendless uncaring anonymous nihilistic world.

However …. hypocrite that I am … now I am stealing her photos to use in my blog. GOOD GRIEF BATMAN! ITS AN AVALANCHE! I told Ryoshi.

Social Media Erodes the soul because we end up with followers who are not friends and whom we do not even know. It is SOUL-LESS.

WHY does everybody crave soulless fame?

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