Why I Give Up On You

You fabricate something.

Its not credible.

You know its not credible.

You are not willing to admit its not credible.

That makes you a liar.

Someone points out its not credible. You blame them.

That’s a form of gaslighting so it cannot be resolved.

Do this repeatedly … and you get blocked.

There’s a term for what you are doing. Its called being incorrigible, or intractable.

If only we could bring back dueling and let the brass jury resolve such things.

One thought on “Why I Give Up On You

  1. I vaguely recall something in the bible about the apostles. When they received this response in a village they had a term for their policy to not come back to the villiage. They were wasting their time trying to do so. And they had limited resources. Instead they had a mission to accomplish.

    I also keep thinking about God as a potter wanting to work with pliable clay rather than dry up hardened brittle clay.

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