A Drag Queen For Every School

A Drag Queen for every school, says Michigan Attorney General. Thats democrat party values these days.

Sexualizing children is what democrats stand for. They are not qualified for any public office.

Quoting AG Dana Nessel:

“Your benefactor, [former U.S. Secretary of Education] Betsy DeVos, has been a greater threat to school children in Michigan than drag queens have ever been,” Nessel responded, acknowledging that the charter school advocate had recently endorsed Dixon.”

So, is she serious? Sure sounds like it. No, she was not joking. She was answering a candidate for governor in a serious political debate, giving a serious political answer.

Let me put it to your straight. The democrats are on a MORAL PEDESTAL looking down at everyone, shoving THEIR MORALS DOWN THE PUBLIC THROATS.

But when someone opposes they say,

“Oh! You are making it a moral issue! How dare you! Morals are private! Shut up and go home!”

This is just another form of GASLIGHTING.

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