Anthony Kennedy’s Screwed Up World View

Mr. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in a case that liberty is defined as everyone having the right to define their own concept of existence. That is dead wrong. Why? Because the opposite is true. Reality is objective, not subjective. And everyone has a duty to recognize reality.

What happens when you violate this latter?

Civilization dies.


Civilization and society exist because most people recognize reality and have a common language of commonly understood terms describing the basic concepts in life.

What kind of basic concepts? How about sex? Someone who thinks their sex is determined by their feelings is incapable of understanding basic terms. Having no common language there is no communication possible and there is no society. Madness and chaos follow.

I said “Civilization Dies.” Liberal Civilization is more vulnerable than most and dies quicker. Tolerance is based on common definitions of terms. Madness and Chaos destroy tolerance.

So one simple statement by a Supreme Court justice is a poison pill to the future.

Why has this taken place? Inalienable rights are granted by the Creator. Mr. Justice Kennedy is inventing the equivalent of an inalienable right, but his equivalent is not rooted in the Creator. It is rooted in humanism. Humanism is the belief that humans are the ultimate moral authority in the universe. Oh, BTW, that is the cornerstone belief of MARXISM, in case you were wondering.

2 thoughts on “Anthony Kennedy’s Screwed Up World View

  1. Nancy Pearcey was recently writing about folks being taken in by the culture’s drumbeat, and how we must be on our toes to vet every idea being touted as significant, lest we plunge into error.

  2. Doug Groothius also recently touched on this constant need to evaluate popular ideas in the church. Not every bright idea that gets lobbed over the fence is worth keeping.

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