Texas School Shooting and Social Media

Cousin [undisclosed] texts me last night and says “if you want to know whats really going on down here call me.” She was on the swat team for years. I am anxious to hear what she has to say.

Anyway, I am starting to see that whatever social media one has one ends up in a silo – not in a community. What is important in times of mayhem is collaboration and forming supporting social units. That is not what social media does. Social media is for advertising and virtue signalling. It’s for strangers not for collaborators. Collaborators – ie, communities of friends – must go to private channels. The disadvantage is you never hear anything outside your silo so there is a lack of diversity of thought. So the “big open world” of “people reaching out” failed miserably.

Part of the reason is “sock puppets”. When we get censored we naturally seek to have our voice in a lower risk way. So we go to sock puppets. I have 6 of these. And three other media channels I am experimenting with. Just so i cant be censored. Not that I have anything earth shattering to say or anything. Its just because I feel I have been treated unfairly.

Meanwhile, the time of mayhem and revolution apparently has arrived while we were not watching.

So, a few days later, having listened to a number of people who live in the area of the school that was shot up, the actual story becomes puzzling. It is almost at the level of a “John Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy” level of story. I actually have no defensible opinion about any of it. And I doubt anybody else does either, especially the accursed politicians.

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