Prager Muses On Marriage

Prager reports that psychologists claim those who marry less than desirable spouses very often marry “the dysfunctional spouse of the opposite sex.” This is so they can “fix the damage, faults, wrongs, etc, of the dysfunction, and put it right.” It is the psychological urge to fix up one’s life. It just kicks in subconsciously.

Another reason is when dating people optimize for fun and sexiness, not for character. Fun and sexiness wear down, they are ephemeral and short lived, but character lasts much longer.

The main thing that destroys marriages is when you take your spouse for granted. When you are dating you dont take your date for granted. you want to win her love so she will marry you. Then afterward you have her so you take her for granted and thus drop the act (and actions) that make you lovable. Or make her love you.

One thought on “Prager Muses On Marriage

  1. So, if that is true then understanding dysfunctional families seems sort of important. I am not sure why churches seem to totally ignore the subject. Especially dysfunction due to addictive and alcoholic behaviours. Many many families suffer from this. The standard “canned theology” of conservative churches (as far as i can tell) don’t see the subject in the bible. It is there but you have to dig for it, and it isn’t easy. This isn’t a fault of the bible, it is a fault or a weakness of the people who demand “ear ticking” sermons and spoon-fed theology that is sugar coated.

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