An Independent Voice Says

I as a Black person do not want to hear this demeaning message about how I need help from you, and how I need help from the rich and how we need to invest in Black business. What is Netflix doing for Black people or for lower income communities? Virtually nothing. When this whole Black Lives Matter scandal broke out and people were taking to the streets – what did Netflix do? They opened up a category on their streaming service for Black creators and Black content, not only segregating their consumers and creating a divisive climate, but doing nothing for Black people in their efforts. It makes no sense. It’s all virtue-signaling and it’s all propaganda. That’s all that they want. 

Hmmm. Interesting.

I had been thinking of cancelling Netflix because it is a wasteland of sleaze.

Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery (on Paramount) are almost unwatchable. Cringe worthy. The current western culture is a toxic waste dump that ruined future centuries. I am searching for just one program to make the fee worth paying.

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