How to explain Wokeness to a Democrat, Part II

In Part I, Wokeness was described in terms of it’s practical outcomes and policies.
Part II has to do with fundamentals.

Forgiveness and redemption do not exist in the world of wokeness. They are not allowed.
Wokeness is a moral world view that seeks to divide people into two classes: Oppressor and Oppressed.

Why is this?

Marxist Queer Theory

Wokeness is a marxist queer theory. This theory isn’t about sex; instead it is about everything. NORMAL is not allowed as a concept in marxism. Anything that is deemed normal creates oppression. The woke believe that in a world where normal exists those who are normal enjoy privilege as a class and those outside normal are oppressed because they lack privilege. The non-normal are an oppressed class. And this must be stopped.

There is only one moral belief in marxism: All oppressed classes must be eliminated. Normal must be opposed and eliminated.

Consequently, everything in human society must be made into an issue of contention. Existing traditions, conventions, and power structures must be torn down and transformed. Why? Those who believe in normal are oppressors.

As I said, forgiveness and redemption are not allowed in the world of the woke. These ideas have to do with good and bad. They handle a case where someone has gone from good to bad but now seeks to be restored to goodness and be forgiven. And to be restored to a condition of peace. What’s wrong with this? It is based on the idea that good is normal. And normality is not allowed in the moral system of the woke. Good oppresses bad.

The woke are at war with the concept of normal at all levels. The issue isn’t really race, or sex, or gender, or group identity. These are mere tools the marxists use to disrupt, transform, and destroy.

Democrats, the real democrats, believe in peace, and goodness, and normality. And fairness too. They also believe in doing no harm. But when you eliminate normal the result is harm. Harm to everyone. This isn’t what democrats wanted. They have been deceived by the woke.

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