In Defense of Looting?

Wokeness is a moral vacuum.

Prager is talking today about the moral vacuum of leftness and wokeness exhibited by the democrats. Oh, the woke will tell you they are the moral ones, they are morally superior to you. So you should do what they say.

For example, one woke lady wrote a book In Defense of Looting. She says “it’s economic”. “It’s evening the score”. So they follow you home, beat you up, and steal your stuff.

Why? The left teaches anger and rage at anyone who has more than others. “It’s not fair,” the left insists. “Fairness is a moral issue”. “Fairness is a economic issue.” “EQUITY IS DEMANDED”. “Equity, equity, equity” is their battle cry. But it is the left’s own peculiar definition of equity. Normal people call it brazen criminal behavior. The left calls it equity. This demonstrates their moral vacuum. They raise a banner of “fairness” but refuse to understand that criminal behavior is not fair. It is actually evil. When you are in a moral vacuum you cannot recognize good and evil from each other.

This is the woke revolution that has taken over the democratic party and become the new American values claimed by Biden and Pelosi and other woke leaders talk so much about. It’s all based on a morality rooted in the godlessness of Marxism. They call anything from God evil, and anything anti-God is called good. That creates a moral vacuum. The nihilism, the meaninglessness of life grates at them. So they create chaos and fake morality just to bury the pain of their despair. It doesn’t really matter who it hurts, just so they have company in a crowd that moves with them.

The left destroys everything it touches.

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