Building A genealogy site.

To get a genealogy site that works with facebook I would have to have the higher level paid account that allows plugins. This allows a FACEBOOK-SHARE button to be put on posts. Facebook user who click through can them like or comment on the post and leave messages.

OK, that will cost me about $200 per year, plus the cost of the domain name.

I keep genealogy separate – completely separate – from all the stuff I write on this site.
My collected family studies are actually published in pressbooks in web book form and are easily converted to PDF form.

There are technical reasons. One needs to be able to edit online but back up the daily edits. I export my books, download, and save to local and cloud media. One needs to be able to restore the book after a disaster. And one needs to be able to make hardcopy easily. Pressbooks solves all this at a reasonable price.

I also wanted to use non-standard forms for my family books, and include lots of graphics and tables and maps. Genealogy sites and programs do none of this in any satisfactory way as far as I can tell.
So, it is tempting to do a genealogy blog – but so far: “no cigar”.

One thought on “Building A genealogy site.

  1. Genealogy is a historical study and as such should be objective. Thus it must be separate from and neutral to politics, religion, world view, and random opinion.

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