Our Gang History

A film on Our Gang and the life and death of Alfalfa:

Jim Widener

1 year agoAlfie was a close family friend. The day he died he arranged to go on a bear hunt with my Dad (Jimmie Widener) then left our house and went off and ran into Jack Piott. That previous Christmas was one of my all time favorites, because of him joining us He gave me a kids drum kit, and my Dad a limb off a pine tree with no pine needles mounted to a board. Hanging from the limb was a string holding a used 30-30 rifle shell. My Dad asked him what it was. and Alfie said it was ” a cartridge in a bare tree” Then I went to bed and while my Dad explained that I had to go to sleep or Santa wouldn’t come. Alfie snuck outside, climbed on the roof and stomped around so I would think Santa waqs landing. RIP Alfie.

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