Intolerant Fake Complaints About Racism?

A blogger writes:

CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata, live from Kyiv, couldn’t help himself when it “slipped out.”

“Now with the Russians marching in, it’s changed the calculus entirely. Tens of thousands of people have tried to flee the city. There will be many more; people are hiding in bomb shelters. But this isn’t a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan that have seen conflict raging for decades. This a relatively civilized, relatively European place where you wouldn’t expect… that it’s going to happen.

She writes:

An Al Jazeera reporter similarly showed his true colors:

“What is compelling about these people is how they’re dressed; they are prosperous, middle-class people who obviously are not refugees.”

So, CBS and Al Jazeera are both racist. That is what she is saying. Isnt Al Jazerra a middle eastern muslim news organization? And CBS a secular leftist western news organization?

Are muslims racists? Are russians racists? Are western secular leftists racists?

What do secular westerners have in common with muslims?
They are not WOKE.

According to woke culture everybody on earth who has cultural values different that the woke are by definition racists. Despicable, beneath contempt, we, the woke, must brainwash them to be like us.

Next they will go to Japan and tell the Japanese they must start “properly respecting” the Phillipinos. In other words, nobody is allowed to have their own culture, their own groups, their own cultural beliefs. the woke must rule everyone.

What about tolerance? What set of absolutes do these people actually go by, anyway?

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