Covid Hysterics

The best medicine for covid is prozac.

I haven’t been outdoors in 96 hours because of cold weather. But this morning I had a sneeze. Now I am being tortured to get a covid test. The covid hysterics wont stop harrassing me. Its like a zombie apocalypse of hysteria. I want my family to STAY AWAY FROM ME.

If I have covid its because my wife gave it to me. Mrs Mask. Mrs Panic.

OK, OK, the media creates hysteria. They endlessly HYPE it. Some people died back in 2019. Meaning, via hyped-logic, we are all going to die NOW if we don’t drink the Kool-aid and worship the hysteria.

I just don’t see it that way.

I don’t think the Minnesota Department of Health should be tracking how many vitamin pills I take, or how many shots I get, or any of that stuff. But doo-gooder liberals have used this issue as a weapon to TAKE CONTROL OF EVERYBODY. and the hysteria is one of their weapons.

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