Commercial Writing

I am studying writing. I love fiction and creative non-fiction. I have ZERO interest in trying to make money doing this. Yechhhh.

It seems 90% of bloggers are tryng to have a commercial website or a marketing website.

Not me. I am interested in simply presenting my ideas. Explaining my world view. Ever try to do that on facebook? I should call it facepook. Or facepuke. It is IMPOSSIBLE to structure information on facepuke.

Information is just noise if it remains unstructured, uncategorized, unrelated.
Back in the old days of blogging (called bulletin boards) people wrote HOW-TO’s to share expertise. And FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) to explain answer to commonly asked questions.

Then social media destroyed millennials brains so they could never grow up, but remain in an unstructured childlike trance the rest of their life.

At least they aren’t twits.

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