Just say no.

Victor David Hanson says the average American dies with about $10,000 but also with about $10,000 of debt. So they have nothing. Because of this they are dependent. The independent middle class is gone. SOOOOO … it is the people who don’t need government who say no to dictators. They are not dependent people. If America loses the independent class America will become totalitarian. So everyone, in order to be an independent economic unit, must be able to build their own life and own wealth. The socialists tell us by contrast that if we own something, anything, that is called “private equity mandate”. In other words, they want dependent people so they can have a dictatorship and control everyone. This is what democrats now represent.

We have to be able to say “no, government, i can live just fine without you.”

That doesn’t mean we are against having any government at all. (Which is what libertarians want – no government at all)

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