Hysterical over masks and vax and advocating?

So much for free speech. But does meg actually believe in free speech? What happens when a state legislator in Minnesota posts a graph about covid.

She gets triggered.

OK, so Meg posts a complaint about a state health agency that calls people to urge them to get covid vaccinations. She opposes vaccinations.

So she posts a video of a phone playing the message, and labels it as EVIL.

First they advocate free speech. Then when they get a phone call advocating this or that about something covid related they call it EVIL If you point that out then you must be a black hat. I’m just tired of hysterical republicans in their echo chamber.

The bandwagon starts in again. Moralistic name calling and mud slinging. Never mind that it has nothing to do with what the legislator posted. The purpose of these miscreants is to constantly and purposely suppression civil discourse on legislative policy in Minnesota.

Is this the republican strategy? It looks like the typical hysteria of libertarians who are butt-hurt and triggered by people getting vaccinated. Like people don’t have a civil right to get vaccinated, because libertarians say so.

When are republicans going to turn serious about solving the nation’s problems?

Anybody who stands up and points out republican hysteria is of course vilified.

What chance do republicans have of winning elections if this is their best foot forward? keep in mind that some of the republican legislators in Minnesota are driving this. and they do it in the name of Christianity.

I say they are devil-spawn. Unqualified to lead the state or the nation.

What is evil? Well, there is real evil. And opposing it is cheapened by the republican hysteria. It is almost as if they are actually supporting the real evil by distracting from real issues by generating hysteria over every little picky subject they feel offended by. THAT IS WHAT THE LEFT DOES. It is what communists do. Distract with nonsense. I am perplexed by this. Maybe libertarians have been snookered. Maybe they are just dumb. I know what they are not. They are not tolerant and not in favor of free speech.

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