Fake Republican Concern Over Vaccinations

 Here is the real issue: social control.

In America there is a system where the rules of society are made by a complex network of magistrates who comprise three branches of government. And their power is entangled with constitutions, statutes, jurisprudence, rules, regulations, and precedence. These magistrates control rules of social behaviour in the public square. There are growing movements of dissenters who wish to perturb or overthrow all of the above. These dissenters seek to form factions in order to form a political movement. And issues of masks, vaccinations, etc, are used as an excuse to foster political movements. Libertarians claim to comprise one such movement and constantly cry liberty as their motivation. It really has to do not with personal health but with control and with determination of who has the right to set the rules of social behaviour in the public square. The liberty movement constantly claims their personal freedoms are infringed. But what they really do is attack and bully anyone who makes different lifestyle choices. They feel this forms an attractive so-called “conservative” liberty movement.

I am skeptical of that movement. The movement seems ill founded, deceptive, irrational, and of malicious intent.

I believe the movement is in part an anti-Christian movement. One of the targets of the movement is the idea that God should be deemed to have anything to say about social behaviour in the public square. Any set of rules will do as long as they do not take God into account as part of the foundation.

One of the tools the movement seeks to employ is chaos and disorder. Chaos today in order to impose God-less regimentation later.

So, the battle cry of “individual liberty” is raised as a banner. Surely everyone would be in favor of individual liberty, would they not? But nowhere is there a recognition that individual liberty derives directly from an individual’s personal relationship with God. This latter of course is Madison’s view. When God is left out what one gets is slavery, not liberty.

We do not derive liberty from government, nor do we derive liberty from other humans. God is the only source.This is why the godless libertarian movement, just like it’s brothers marxism and socialism is bankrupt.

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