Grannys 94th

My mother in law is having a coffee and cake party, well, a relative is, tomorrow, for her 94th birthday and my wife just warned me all the girls all are so excited over Biden’s speech they are wetting their panties. I didnt even know Biden gave a speech.

One thought on “Grannys 94th

  1. I just started reading a book about how to not be angry at people. I have been pretty upset at republicans lately. But to be in a roomfull of democrats may be more than I can stand. I am very unhappy. What if I go in the bathroom and cut my wrists and bleed out, would all the evil democrats even care? Would they get the hint they are not cool? That they are shits? Would my wife get the hint that her lack of sympathy breaks my heart and makes me want to die? These people are going to gloat right in my face. It will be a challenge to just not say anything to them. But it isnt going to be happy hour by any means. There is the answer. DRUNK! I should just get drunk! Then I wouldnt care. Oh, but they are pious Lutherans who look down their noses on drinking. Oh! The PIETY! I have watched it for 40 years. Communist piety.
    They are all from farm families and they want their family lands confiscated because they had norwegian privilege. Because they feel guilty they eeked a living out of the land during the depression. They want my retirement savings confiscated and given to peopke who never worked because of piety and christian charity. They want my son and grandchild to be slaves because of piety and viking guilt. God help me because I may be angry over this.

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