Feb 6, What a News Day it is today!!!!

February 6 Declared FAKE REPUBLICAN DAY.

WMD evidence found in Iran, Biden sides with Iran terrorists around the world – poking a stick in Saudii’s eyes, Never-Trumper fake-republicans drop pants in gay chaser exposure?

Yesterday a gun battle on Mexican border south of Corpus Christi, complete with 40 mm grenades launched, and Biden wants to to tear down the border wall so it can spill onto American streets?

You can’t make this stuff up. Hilarious.

GOP operatives (who were soooo outraged as republicans by moral corruption of Trump) are now caught molesting minor boys in vast scandal? Exposed as “Posers and Liars”? Hilarious.

The Never Trumpers always were FAKES. Democrat fellow travelers in sheeps clothing.

This is why I am a populist. I vote for the party defending the little people. I don’t vote republican anymore. I don’t vote for fake conservatives. Enough subterfuge already!!!!!

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