Im blogging here because

… normally I dont blog here about serious politics or current events. But recent events and fascist censorship by the American leftist crazies have forced millions to find a safer place.

I am not a QANON type person and wont have anything to do with that. To me it us a leftist conspiracy run by Putin.

I am not a libertarian . For similar reasons.

I am not an anarchist.

I like a cerebral and reflective approach to life. This wordpress tool has been my refuge.

But America is falling. The 4th Reich is rising. In a few short days the democrats may arrest and imprison and execute all the republicans in the US senate.

Then they will start to come for all of us who dissent from political correctness.

Google, Apple, twitter, and facebook may help the American left murder millions of Americans.

Let us hope not.

But anyone who is liberal will say no to them. Will fight them. Because free thought and free speech and the right to hear ideas, even if they are wrong, is a human right. This is a human rights struggle.

In 6 days no liberals noticed my post. Are there any liberals left?

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