Creationist Psychobabble Strikes Again.

reports Kari Rios blaming Stephen Meyers

This appeared as an article about Stephen Meyers written by Kari Rios. This caused raging creationist psychobabble.

The first thing to note is a claim that life arose from a “genetic mutation”. What does that even mean? It is a nonsense statement. I doubt very much Stephen Meyers was quoted accurately or that the interviewer knows what he is talking about. There is no such thing.

As for the probability, no attempt is made to demonstrate the calculation or point to a scientific paper that develops it. It might be accurate. Or not. One cannot tell.

It may be evidence that natural processes cannot produce life.

That doesnt mean life was created by a mind. This latter is a philosophical leap-of-faith.

If true what does the probability calculation mean? It means that if someone makes this leap of faith nobody has a logical reason to say they are wrong in their belief. It doesn’t mean we are compelled to make the leap of faith. Fragile creationists will tell you, however, yes, you are compelled to make the leap of faith.

Creationists cannot think their way out of a paper bag, and will use this as a way to brow-beat people with it, and to exclude others who dont buy into it from their fellowship.

This is not Christian apologetics. Its just psychobabble.

It may be an argument against the philosophy of naturalism. Creationists dont know what naturalism is. If they did they would talk about it.

J Warner Wallace posted this as an article of interest. That doesnt mean he endorses it. Just that he finds it interesting. I myself think Meyers has been misconstrued. He is surely misunderstood.

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