The Cross Is Missing

Why I disagree with Steve Colborne (I think).

I like spiritual and introspective blogs in general. I gravitate toward those types of writings.

So I have been reading the blog of Steve Colborne, a philosopher/theologian, who has a supposedly Christian blog or a theological blog. Steve has even written four books on the subject!

One things is – he sure has a really sharp looking blog. Love the artwork!

Somehow though, the updates often don’t make a lot of sense to me. I thought it was just me. I am often not on the same wavelength with folks who have a lot more education in the subject. I have been wondering why I find the blog has a lot in it that I disagree with. So I started looking for more detail to see why. I even wrote a couple of blog posts on the subject. As I read more an more I suddenly realized (unless I am missing something, have I not read far enough?) there seems to be an important aspect: The Cross is Missing!

It may come as a shock, but Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, the Messiah, the part of God who was made flesh, was crucified and took on the sins of the world, was buried and rose on the third day, the Savior of humankind, is uh, well, *is* Christianity.

I mean, without Christ’s work on the cross there is no Christianity.

Without him everyone is lost and doomed. Faith in Jesus the Christ is the one single most important decision anyone would ever make.

Oh, one can have religion. One can even have theism. But without the Christ the religion is not Christianity. It is something else. That seems to be what I was missing. What he is talking about is really maybe in the category of something else. No wonder it didn’t make sense.

Every Christian has a personal testimony of how they came to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It is all about that relationship. Nothing else really matters.

So when they say, “What I Believe” all Christians start with this essential core component of relationship and testimony. The ones who aren’t Christians cannot start there. It doesn’t matter one bit what their theory of the universe is, or what religious ideas they may have. They may as well be an atheist, or try reading tea leaves or chicken bones.


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