The First Advent

What I believe about Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus Christ was fully human, having gotten his maternal copy of DNA from his human mother. I believe he had no human father. The paternal contribution to his DNA was directly from God in one huge “Gene Splicing Biochemical Engineering Event” (GSBEE).

Thus he was fully human and fully divine. And sinless. Only a fully divine sinless human can substitute for the sins of other humans.

You may say this is too incredible to be true. But consider the beliefs of Christians. Consider resurrection. GSBEE is child’s play compared to resurrection. the biochemical engineering event that reconstructs a trillion cells. Not just DNA. All the RNA, proteins, organics, non-organics, reproduced in the stored pattern of a previously living creature. This is orders of magnitude more complicated that the advent of Jesus Christ.

Then consider the rapture. Resurrection on a grand scale. New bodies given to millions of previous humans. This is orders of magnitude more complex than the resurrection of one human.

NOW do you understand why I believe God, outside the universe, puts his hand into the universe, and re-arranges biological materials? NOW do you understand why I think Theistic Evolution (TE), ie, the tinkering with life over the aeons, is plausible as a belief? It is NOT deism. Deism says it was pre-designed and unfolded naturally.

What I don’t believe:

I don’t believe any of these “events”, GSBEE, or TE, or resurrection, or any such events, happen naturally or are just a normal part of physics. That would be belief in fairy wings. That is the sort of thing atheists and Darwinists believe.

Other Beliefs:

The Virgin Birth. This just sort of results from the Advent event (GSBEE).
The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Ascension of Jesus Christ.
The Return of Jesus Christ (The Second Advent).

These make me a “standard Nicean creed Christian” in belief.

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