Today’s Libertarian Investment.

Today’s libertarian investment. Earlier this year I bought some BTI, British Tobacco. I just received a $448 dividend payment for that stock. Just now I bought 10 shares of MO, Altria, an American tobacco company. It pays about 8% dividend and the EX date is September 14th.

Call me a skunk for investing in tobacco companies, but as repugnant as I find it people do smoke and drink, and in a recession or hard financial times they smoke more and drink more. I don’t possess the democrat’s absolute moral values that wants to punish punish punish these vendors for their sins.

On the matter of the principle of the thing:

Think Christians are on a high moral horse taking away people’s choice? They are nothing compared to those who will smoke shame, fat shame and sugar shame. If democrats really believe in choice, and if they really believe morals are relative, maybe they ought to leave everyone alone to make their own decisions for their own lives? And get off their moral high horse? So that’s my libertarian toe in the water.

If you choose to eat nothing but whale fat and it affects your waistline then that’s between you and God and its none of the government’s business.


Tobacco does not eat away your soul. Too much dietary fat doesn’t corrode your character. But condoms, free love, sex abuse, human trafficking, gender confusion, marriage destruction, and those sort of sins that democrats constantly promote – these destroy the souls of the victims. I am not libertarian on those subjects. It’s not a case so much of objecting to democrats having moral absolutes – it is they have the WRONG moral absolutes. Then they compund the problem by lying to us and saying they are against moral absolutes. So they are doubly despicable.

The democrat’s philosophy of life harms everyone. It takes away people’s free choice, and it is, in the words of Rose McGowan, “the Darkness”.

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