Skull Candy

Yesterday I posted an unproveable claim to a extremist FB group. I got over 200 notifications yesterday.

I did block two people during the day.

200 responses out of 6000 members. Hmmm. What does this mean?

This is a bubble group. In other words, all the members are in the same bubble. Their discussions are irrational as can be.

I dont think the moderators wanted an extremist group. It just seems like ordinary people have no personal standards for what makes a logical and decent person, or how to have a discussion with logical and decent others. It is all outrage based. It is ME ME ME ME thinking.

My bet is that left wing extreme groups are pretty much the same as this right wing group.

Contrast this with folks who instead talk about their higher power, about God, and what would God want humans to do. Those discussions are far more circumspect. Or perhaps introspective.

My conclusion is that facebook is best compared to an acid trip. If you want your mind to wander outside your skull then facebook is a great place to do it.