Today’s workout. Aging Backwards.

Today I only did 400 KCals of workout walking on the treadmill. I went slower, maybe 2.2 MPH, but had it at an incline of 10, but increased to 15 (The maximum slope) for about 5 minutes, and incresed to speed to 2.6.

The 15 setting raises the treadmill to feel like a trail in the mountains if the trail is maybe 25 to 35 degrees.

But I am letting my muscles heal today, and wanted to use some other muscles, so I did upper body weights on the side. Typically I can do 2+ hours on the treadmill.

I’ve noticed most folks come in, leave the machine FLAT, and jog at 3 to 4 MPH. And go away with a lot less workout than I had. I’m not a jock. And I’m older than dirt. But I am serious about feeling better. What I feel like after one month? Like I have aged backwards about 5 years.

Now, if I could fix those little boy parts so they were 20 again, I’d be cookin’ 😉